Embroidery positions

3 Mar 2017

We offer a variety of embroidery positions:


Left / Right chest sized to suit garment & your logo usually 80mm - 100mm wide


Sleeve embroidery usually 50mm - 70mm wide. Embroidery area on sleeves are limited so not all logo's will be suitable for sleeve embroidery.


Back embroidery 180mm - 360mm wide however not all logo's are suitable for large embroidery and can be costly to embroider due to the time it takes for the machine to embroider. Back embroidery is more suited to thicker materials like hoodies & fleeces rather than thin Tshirt material.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy give help & advice


Images below shows an embroidered fleece, left chest logo is 85mm wide, sleeve logos are 70mm wide & website on back is 200mm wide.







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