Licensed Springbok baby & childrens clothing

Assegai Embroidery is licensed to embroider the official Springbok logo onto certain items which have been approved by SA Rugby.  As a license holder we have strict guidelines to adhere to which ensures that the brand remains strong and we take these guidelines seriously.


A percentage of every sale we make goes back to South Africa and supports the team you love so much ..... Go Bokke!

****Please beware of buying unlicensed items, it is illegal to embroider / print the Springbok rugby logo or anything resembling the Springbok rugby logo without a license

Evolution of the Springbok Emblem


Few people realise that the emblem of SA Rugby, the Springbok, dates back to 1906.  It has since become a powerful symbol for South Africa and even used by the South African Armed Forces during World War II.  From its early beginnings, the emblem has evolved through different versions to the eighth version that it uses today.


Following the success of the Springbok team at the World Cup in 1995, President Nelson Mandela declared that the Springbok emblem would be retained as it was an important reconciling factor and would contribute to nation-building.

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