3D & Special Embroidery

3D Puff Embroidery

Raised puff embroidery gives height to the embroidery making designs stand out & pop!

3D cap embroidery works best with block or large round shaped letters with slightly rounded corners with good spacing between letters / shapes. Ideally graphics lines should be between 3mm and 10mm in thickness. Lines under 3mm can still be embroidered with puff but the foam will not stand up as much and the puff will be less effective.

Not all logo’s are suitable for 3D puff embroidery and complex detailed designs or lines under 2.5mm do not usually work but please feel free to send us an image of your logo for advice.

Specialist Threads

We also offer embroidery in colourful specialist threads, Metallic, Neon & Multicolour which are suitable for embroidering onto most garments and caps. A variety of colours available to choose from. Additional fees are required for using these threads, please contact for more information.