Setup Fee's

Our Setup Fees

A once off setup fee is required for
each new logo embroidery file we create.

If the same logo is to be used for back embroidery and / or cap embroidery then additional Setup fees are required to create these files due to the different way caps and backs need to be embroidered. Discounts are available if more than 1 embroidery file is required.

Setting up logo’s into embroidery files is done by professional Embroidery Digitisers, this is a vital part of producing good embroidery results and is a specialist field.

Once these files are created they are kept for you to use on any future orders.

Editing embroidery files – Simple edits / adjustments can be made to logo’s after they have been setup into embroidery files which can be done in-house for free however if more complicated edits are required then this will need to be done by our specialist digitising team and an extra fee would be required for this service.

Once your logo is setup into an embroidery file test sew outs on a piece of material will be done to make sure the best embroidery result is achieved for your logo. A photo of your embroidered logo will be emailed to you for approval. An embroidered sample on a piece of material can also be posted to you which is usually free however an extra fee may be charged if the sample is XLarge with a high stitch count.

No setup fee is usually charged for doing text only in standard fonts (excludes text in 3D / Puff embroidery), however a small setup fee may be required when doing standard text at XLarge sizes.

Below are a few samples of some of the standard fonts available for text only embroidery. Samples have been embroidered at left / right chest sizes 100mm wide.

Assegai's Embroidered fonts samples